Local Reviews: Mayson Lee and the Rock & Roll Space Studs

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Mayson Lee and the Rock & Roll Space Studs
The Filthy Touch EP
Street: 06.11
Mayson Lee and the Rock & Roll Space Studs = HorrorPops + Creepshow + Deadline
There’s ome pretty fun greasy pop punk with a little horror thrown in on the EP from Mayson Lee. At first I didn’t think much of the female fronted group—they sounded like a lot of other bands to me—but after a few listens, I was coming around and started to see that they may not be reinventing the wheel, but they do know how to get it spinning. Their song “The Waterhole Hop” shows a lot of diversity and the ability to slow things down if they need to, and “Filthy Touch” gets down and dirty, and even a little bloody, with the best of them. The versatility of the guitar is impressive, jumping from country to rock in the same song sometimes, and the rhythms are tight as well as vocals, especially the low smooth growl of the girl up front. We need more original bands like this in town