Local Reviews: Mechanical Skies

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Mechanical Skies
With Dreams of Pop
Street: 07.04.10
Mechanical Skies = Rush + Cream + Vintage pop
The music itself has a vintage tone: a throwback to the ‘60s and ‘70s, with hints of ‘50s-era pop thrown in by the female vocalist. A distinct homage to bands like Rush and Cream on the instrumentals, with Hank Reese on vox and the addition of Jaylee Amey’s vocals certainly individualizes the sound. It seemed like the timing of the vox was off on some spots, however, particularly when they were singing simultaneously, but perhaps that just comes back to production values, which left something to be desired. Unfortunately for musicians who work hard to write songs, practice and invest time and money into their art, recording quality can make or break an album. While the artists on this album are clearly not talentless, a little more investment in a few areas will assist them in producing an even more palatable package in the future. I certainly would be curious to hear more once the overall direction and production are sewn up a little neater.