Local Reviews: My Dead Ego

My Dead Ego       
Fairytales Of Industry EP
Street: 06.11
My Dead Ego = Shirley Manson fronting No Doubt
It is hard to get excited about reviewing something that comes with very little information about it. While promos come in a variety of formats, most of them include a teeny bit of background. So—other than a cover art print, and that this EP’s three tracks were handwritten on its CDR alongside the name Allison Martin—the only thing to do was start listening to it. And what a pleasant surprise it was—if not a slight shock—from a local CD. The sound quality, especially on the first track, “Dancing Machine,” is particularly clear, and while that is the standout track here, Martin is undoubtedly talented. Musically, this is electronica, but vocally she’s a little hard to peg. Because of the lack of information and limited information online, I wonder if it is the aegis of her recording at her former band’s—the late, great Cavedoll—Kitefishing Studios that contribute to the high quality of the recordings. “Stars” is certainly bolstered by Cavedoll’s Camden Chamberlain and his vocal performance, which contrasts with Martin’s whisper-light vocal performance quite nicely, as its minimalist beats sound in the background. Less polished is the overly-wordy “Red Rose,” which has too many styles competing at once. It is hard to tell who does what (the band’s Reverbnation page only lists additional members of The Last Look, but not their duties), but Martin could be on to something if the full-length stays as focused and polished as the great promise of “Dancing Machine.”