Local Reviews: Perception Cleanse Perception

Perception Cleanse Perception
Dungeon Recordings
Street: 04.11
Perception Cleanse Perception = Little Sap Dungeon x (Tolchock - Audio War)
At the end of his decade-long experiment, KJ Cazier (Little Sap Dungeon) closes with inVERSIONS. Citing the instability of the project and the mixing of genres within it, Cazier decided to end PCP with an album mainly composed of remixes of previous material. Opening with the one brand new track, “God in Slumber,” the seven tracks here, not surprisingly, cross genres, veering from meditative ambience to harsh industrial, by way of trip hop and breakbeat. While tracks like “The Nothing (v.2 radio edit)” might find club play, this is a mature release that doesn’t pander to dance-floor senselessness—it’s adult industrial for thinking post-punks. Available as a digital download with a very limited run of print copies, this collection serves as a bittersweet farewell to a renowned and influential local band.