Local Reviews: Ravings Of A Madman

Ravings Of A Madman
In the Time it Takes to Hate...
Street: 12.10.10
Ravings of a Madman = Marilyn Manson + Snot + music to exorcise by
These guys are having such a good fucking time being pissed off. In the Time it Takes to Hate is a heavy album, in content and sound. It is an exorcism of noise and emotion which can be exhilarating for both the audience and performer, but on occasion, and with sub-par execution, it can also be totally disorienting. Their live show may entirely eradicate this issue, since live performance is all about noise and emotion, but the album lets ROAM’s weak spots peek out. There’s a lot of awesomeness for those weak spots to hide behind, so gentlemen, please just take this review for what it’s worth: motivation to continue to improve at your own game. Continue to expand your audience by refusing to be trapped in one genre, work those harmonies, and don’t be afraid to be beautiful.