Local Reviews: Reveeler

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Untitled 2008 demo
Street: 06.17
Reeveler = Pink Floyd + The Scorpions + Deep Purple + Suicidal Tendencies (vocals only)
Reeveler doesn’t play your dad’s prog rock or hard rock, although their influences may come from the sort. The sound on the Ogden band’s six-song demo is a curious audible entity—quite honestly, it’s like nothing I’ve really heard. Forget the usual plethora of bands that try to emulate their favorite classic bands. Reeveler change up their tempos constantly while the drumming and guitar work leave listeners catching every note and variance in the music. Then there is the even more intriguing rhythm style, which doesn’t fit any typical song structure. Vocals have an early punk attitude, the type of style that influenced grunge vocalists. Every track here welcomes its audience into different atmospheres and feelings all just egging to be listen to repeatedly. Reeveler are an adventurous band with huge potential that defy any rock scene. The tunes are psychedelic, technical and you’ll find something new with every listen.