Local Reviews: Seven Feathers Rainwater

Seven Feathers Rainwater
15 Apple Magicians
Moondial Tapes Records
Street: 01.13
Seven Feathers Rainwater = Pre-MPP Animal Collective + Stag Hare + Tangerine Dream
15 Apple Magicians is the album I always knew Salt Lake City was capable of producing. Aside from being the zeitgeist-capturing masterpiece of all things happening within the burgeoning “New Weird Utah” collective in the past few years, 15 Apple Magicians delivers on every promise hinted at by the insane talent of the Moondial Tape family. Seven Feathers Rainwater delve deep into the crystalline drones, nouveau-age shamanism and Kraut-sonic explorations that have marked the releases of Stag Hare, Silver Antlers and Wyld Wyzrdz and emerge with a righteously overzealous exuberance that bursts every seam and fills up every available aural space with pitch-shifted vocals, chaotic percussion and reverbed-out everything. I know it is a little early to call, but 15 Apple Magicians is easily in the running for best album of the year.