Local Reviews: Small Town Sinners

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Small Town Sinners
Blood and Dust
Street: 11.30.10
Small Town Sinners = The Avett Brothers + Deer Tick
Small Town Sinners are turning out quality discs like Notorious B.I.G. personally came down from the heavens and requested it. Blood and Dust, their most recent offering, continues Small Town Sinners’ pursuit of making the most amazing heartfelt alt-country possible would definitely inspire the late, great Biggie Smalls to put on his flannel and grab his acoustic.  The band has brought their sound back to a more organic feel from their more polished Dirty Thirty, and organic is a vibe that definitely suits them well. Recording at singer Carson Wolfe’s cabin, the band was able to capture the natural warm vibe that makes their songs so great. This organic warmth is best shown on the opening track “Drinking to You,” as well as on the album closer, “Drown.” If you are looking for band to satisfy your Wilco or Son Volt cravings, Small Town Sinners is definitely the band for you.