Local Reviews: Some Beasts

Some Beasts
Street: 04.01
Some Beasts = Caspian + Akron/ Family � vocalists + organic sounds
A nostalgic tinkering oxf an orchestral kind, this album is bursting with delectable sounds. From tambourines to pots and pans to castanets to delayed acoustic guitars, the music is extremely varied and colorful. The energy that is channeled throughout the album is of such a marvelous kind that it's almost hard to believe. Although it is an instrumental work, each song's title gives the listener just enough of an idea to make each track a picturesque little world of its own. From the damp, rainy perception that "Some Days Are Wet And Green" produces to the feeling of lounging near the French Riviera in "In Tangier," the listener is taken on a mindful journey that encompasses more senses than just that of hearing. This album seems to have appeared out of nowhere one early-spring afternoon when Some Beasts' only member, Jordan Badger, decided to self-release this splashy whirlwind before jetting off to unknown territories.