Local Reviews: Subrosa

No Help for the Mighty Ones
Profound Lore
Street: 03.01
Subrosa = Sleep + Sunn O)) + Swans
No Help for the Mighty Ones begins with whispers and it ends with whispers, but there’s a whole lot of darkened and beautiful noise in between. Once this album passes through one’s auditory passages and their individual psyche, they will be changed forever. The album features some super down-tuned guitar and bass riffing, almost to the point of creating a buzzing feedback noise, which definitely makes it stand apart from, well, anything you may have heard. The weight of the droning guitars and shivering violins is only lifted by the vocal harmonies that play out so softly in comparison to songs that are often stark, driving and pummeling. This contrast fits the band’s lyrical content by creating a voice of the downtrodden, trying to escape the noise of the world that seems to dominate it. The vocals aren’t always soft in the mix though—they come through when it’s most important or when the anger breaks free from the droning, mesmerizing sounds. This is essentially a doom album worthy of joining the ranks of Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Sleep, but it’s out of bounds enough to ultimately be unlike anything your ears will ever lay claim to.