Local Reviews: The Archer’s Apple

The Archer’s Apple
Suburban Ocean
Self Released
Street: 04.17
The Archer’s Apple = The Devil Whale + Fleet Foxes
Many a local band in Salt Lake City is starting to sound like they’re from Oklahoma. For the record: I once lived in the Midwest and it’s a shitty part of the country. Maybe it would be better to pretend you’re from California or Florida, but this band does do a great job channeling country angst while playing shows down at BYU. You can tell Provo is a hotbed of emotion-filled folk now, and this band is spearheading that movement. The folk isn’t bad—it’s well done and has enough modern production to make it less lo-fi and more high five. The harmonies on tracks like “Chameleon” are well done and the guitar is nicely executed. Also, the CD art is pretty badass.