Local Reviews: The Black Hens

The Black Hens
Street: 1.08
The Black Hens = Band of Annuals + the byrds + Rilo Kiley on Lunesta 
The Black Hens started as a fluke; a thrown together project birthed from a one-off jam session with SLC folk powerhouses: Glade, David Williams, Band of Annuals members jeremi Hanson and Brent Dreiling while in ... you guessed it, Albuquerque. Over the course of three long days, The Black Hens officially formed, played a gig at Launch Pad and recorded their debut release with the help of New Mexico friends, Jeffrey Richards (Hazeldine, Vic Chesnutt, Nels Andrews,Neutral Milk Hotel) & Chris Kitchen (Brightcarvers). Together they create a gentle (yet rockin'), feel-good sound just twangy enough to add the "-country" after "alt." The buttery male/female backup harmonies on all six tracks are contagious. Fans of David Williams' solo work will be pleased to hear an alternate version of "Summer" included on this release.