Local Reviews: The CJB

Street: 11.23.10
The CJB = Sublime + The Secret + a piña colada
This is a great easy-listening album. It is exactly what it purports to be:  a positive, uplifting, easy-to-listen-to collection of chilled-out songs. Even the saddest lyrical topics on the album are lightened up by the delivery via charming and harmless reggae-inspired riffs. The tone and content are cohesive, and the CD cover art communicates the intended message before you even pop the CD in. All in all, the only thing I could critique is also what I consider one of their biggest successes—a mission to become commercially viable. Predictable and typical for this genre, I will be excited to see how they cut out a more personalized niche as they continue on their musical journey. Kudos to the CJB—I will be looking forward to more music from these talented fellows in the future.