Local Reviews: The Heavens And The Earth

The Heavens And The Earth
Street: 09.21.10
TH&TE = Daft Punk + Flock of Seagulls + Infected Mushroom
Put together with more Moog technology than some may have thought existed, this short five-track electronica EP doesn’t encompass the average “techno club” vibe. Kosmichete was created entirely by Matt McMurray with a touch of mastering from Andrew Glassett (Nolens Volens). I got the impression that McMurray wanted to step away from the dance floor circuit and create something a little grander. Kosmichete finds a sweet spot between trippy, outer-space keystrokes and speaker-buster thumping. It’s almost a complete ‘80s throwback, but still holds on to that “after hours soundtrack” feeling you’ve had playing in your car every night you’ve gone clubbin’ since 1997. Tracks like “Silver Space” and “Galaxy Be Gone” should be mixed into local DJ playlists, but they won’t be, and that’s a shame for an album that feels quite unique to the genre.