Local Reviews: The Wayne Hoskins Band

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The Wayne Hoskins Band
Breaking Here EP
Rockfish Record Company
Street: 11.13.10
The Wayne Hoskins Band = Fuel + Jars Of Clay + Shawn Mullins
The Wayne Hoskins Band have earned the reputation of being one of those groups you’ve heard of frequently, but have yet to see, partially because they spend most of their time on the festival circuit as a daylight band. Unfortunately, trying to take that big-stage feeling to pressing falls short. Breaking Here isn’t so much a studio recording, but more an effort to shrink wrap a concert performance into a personal experience. Song structure, composition, vocals and overall vibe of the album work splendidly and show refined talent from all five members, but these tracks have been stripped and compacted. It’s as if they simply removed the live audience element but kept the overblown stage presence, personified on songs like “Never What It Seems” and “I’ll Be Right Here.” Overall, Breaking Here shows great promise from a well-versed ensemble, but there’s still much work to be done on their end.