Local Reviews: Twilight Transmissions

Twilight Transmissions
Two Faces of Zazen
Nova One Productions
TT = The unequaled Chris Alvarado + Download
I had the luck of getting to finally see a Twilight Transmissions performance and it was beyond fantastic. So when I got my hands on Two Faces of Zazen I couldn't wait to listen. The rawness, textures and rhythm-noise from the debut self-titled release is still evident, yet the project is transformed into a more experimental but tenacious work. Besides spending mass amounts of time with his other projects, 23 Ecstasy and Roses & Exile, Chris Alvarado mastered 12 tracks that explore drum n' bass and experimental noise and everything in between. Because of his experiments with different instruments, beats, vocal treatments, effects, and working with a handful of other talented Salt Lake musicians, Download is an act that comes to mind when I think of someone to compare Twilight Transmissions to. An older EBM feeling starts with the title track and shifts into a neo-industrial drum n' bass with abrasive chanting on "Wry-Xanadu." "Head Hunter" shows the range of Twilight Transmissions with ambient noise and sinister whispers.