Local Reviews: Twilight Transmissions

Twilight Transmissions
Dungeon Recordings
Street: 06.22
Twilight Transmissions = Michael Stearns + the choirs of the damned
Possibly one of the most aptly named bands out there, Twilight Transmissions is like something you’d hear on some 3 a.m., non-commercial radio show dedicated to space music, but with a twist of something darker than a black hole. One of Christopher Alvarado’s many projects (Little Sap Dungeon, 23 Extacy, Harsh Reality), Subterranean is full of slow, chilling soundscapes that lure you into a trance state, and trippy blip hop that keeps your soul just a little bit on tenterhooks. At first blush it seems soothing, like your parents’ new age, yet there’s something evil lurking in the shadows: The sound here is soothing new age for the satanic set—it might put you to sleep and it might give you nightmares.