Local Reviews: Uncle Scam

Uncle Scam
Heavy Cream
Street: 08.19
Uncle Scam = Liz Phair + Veruca Salt
Uncle Scam is sex rock. This pack of talented musicians is led by the fiery Ischa. Heavy Cream leaves nothing to the imagination. The album title track is a scathing call-out to men who say whatever they have to to get what they want from the ladies. If you have ever gotten a look at Bee, she’s not a woman you’d want to have pulling out her “implements of war.” Uncle Scam is the type of band you’d expect to hear on a road trip through Nevada. This album brings to mind strippers with machine guns. All the topics that are meant to be avoided in polite conversation are found in abundance here: Politics, sex and violence are in no short supply. Track three, “Backlash,” shows that behind the lady, the band has some balls, but their strong point is the live show. For a look at the band’s political leanings, take a listen to track five, “Fillibuster”—it says it all. Catch them soon, and when you do, take a look at everyone’s faces when they go off and Bee starts getting feisty.