Local Reviews: Various Artists

Various Artists
Music at Main: Summer 2010
Salt Lake City Public Library
Street: 11.02.10
Culled from live recordings from the third installment of the summer series of the same name, Music at Main showcases the breadth of good music in Salt Lake City.  From the funky jazz combo Josh Payne Orchestra to the driving electro-rock experimentalism of Palace of Buddies, this album shows that great music of all stripes is available in the valley.  Unfortunately, the recording captures the worst of live music–the unrefined audio–without quite capturing the excitement.  While the album doesn’t serve as a sampler of everything that Salt Lake has to offer, it’s not supposed to.  The fact that the album just scratches the surface of local music in SLC gives Salt Lakers something to be proud of, as well as another reason to look forward to next summer.