Local Reviews: When the Fight Started

When the Fight Started
When Bodies Fail (EP)
Street: 03.18
When the Fight Started= Nickelback + Foo Fighters + a dash of chaos
Ah, boys. Testosterone-laced angst is, in my humble opinion, by far the best fuel for any young band. Pretty little vocal harmonies pay homage to greats like Alice in Chains, and also make it clear that vocals are in fact this band’s strength. Even lyrics about nothing become lyrics about something meaningful just because they’re uttered.  A couple of beautiful guitar melodies and rad riffs that would do their influences proud help round out the album, and some messy arrangements and sloppy production aside, it’s mostly pretty enjoyable. The next step will be tightening it all up, but isn’t that the next step for all of us? Nice debut, gentlemen. Don’t stop rockin’.