Local Reviews: Yze

Out Of Many 
Pural Music
Sreet: 03.21.10
Yze = Slug + Blue Scholars + Arrested Development  
I’ll give it up for Out Of Many. This is the second local joint handed to me that I can say I will listen to again. Yze knows what he’s doing, and what the hip hop nerds are looking for. I will even go so far to say that he is one of the best producers in the area. Yze is not only a top-shelf producer, but you can tell from the lyrics that he does it with passion. “Soundwaves” is the prefect example of Yze as an artist: A chill beat you can get lost in with lyrics you want to dig into. You get a chance to peek into the grind-to-shine work ethic, along with a lyrical scrapbook of his tour life. It’s a banger. You can’t buy this album in stores, so get to a show and get one. The money goes to charity. Real talk.