Local Review: SWIM – Jade Dreamscapes

Local Review: SWIM – Jade Dreamscapes

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Jade Dreamscapes

Street: 10.05
SWIM = Blank Banshee + Blank Body + Baths

Producer SWIM is back with an EP titled Jade Dreamscapes. SWIM is a producer who has released a small amount of works so far as an artist, but shows good promise. The tracks SWIM produces are often dreamlike and surreal, a hybrid of electronic styles paired with a uniqueness that is refreshing. Jade Dreamscapes incorporates a combination of trap electronica, chillwave and vaporwave. “Banded” uses a dub beat like those of many EDM artists, but the wide open, orchestral synth sounds that SWIM employs have a completely different feel to them. “I Have Dreamt” sounds like a typical EDM song, but the builds SWIM uses never really come to fruition. Instead, SWIM takes the instrumentation back down, starting from a lower level than where the song originally was. SWIM obviously has knowledge of what is popular in EDM today, and how to make it—but instead, SWIM focuses on creating a signature voice.

Jade Dreamscapes acts as a great demo for SWIM, although it is so short it can hardly be called anything other than that. There are only three total tracks presented on Jade Dreamscapes, each over three minutes long. Each ends abruptly, leaving listeners without resolution. It’s as if SWIM put a couple of samples together and just let them play out. Although there are natural progressions on “I Have Dreamt” and “Jade Dreamscapes,” there could have been more exploration done, and the tracks would not have suffered. Granted, many artists these days are shying away from full-length albums, and in a culture dominated by singles, audiences oftentimes don’t have the attention span that they used to. Still, while Jade Dreamscapes leaves more to be desired, this artist’s potential is undeniable. Keep an eye out for more releases by SWIM. –Taylor Hartman

Editor’s Note: The initial version of this review incorrectly stated the length of the tracks on Jade Dreamscapes. The article has been amended.

  • Swim Tunes

    Thank you for this issue! As promised, this is only the beginning to something greater. I’ve got many works that are going to be much more full than this. If anyone is interested in my music, my Soundcloud page can be found here.


  • Swim Tunes

    Second paragraph definitely barks up the wrong pole. Every song besides “I Have Dreamt” is over 3 minutes long. Also, the context in which you said about samples was ignorant. Samples are a poor mans cheating way of making music, I’ve clearly worked hard to develop each sound on my own using digital synthesis, and even most of my drums are synthesized using FM synthesis and pitch modulation. AND, not only that, but all chord progressions are also created by, you guessed it, myself. The only samples in any of my tracks, are raw recorded drum kits, and FX like White Noise.

    You pretty much made me look bad for absolutely no reason, nor did it even fit the description to how my music is created at all.

    • Zodiac Motherfucker

      Maybe browbeating a reviewer because they misjudged the length of your pole and implied you aren’t a genius Abelton poweruser makes you look bad for absolutely no reason.