July 2015 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Ossatura – Self-Titled



Street: 03.13
Ossatura = Motionless In White + Iron Maiden

Ossatura’s self-released, self-titled EP is the epitome of bad production wrecking an otherwise good album. Musically, with what they are trying to accomplish, they have all the trademarks needed to be a good representative of their sound, which is a somewhat melodically progressive metalcore unit. Their musicianship and songwriting isn’t the issue here. It’s the fact that the mix and production are off. One guitar is barely audible, the bass comes in loud at times and then disappears into the abyss, and the clean vocals are so loud that they sound out of place—I could go on, but why? Having seen the band live previously—and knowing that when the mix is right and dense, these guys have an extremely heavy sound—and then listening to the release where everything sounds sterile is heartbreaking. Perhaps a live release wouldn’t be a bad idea at this point. –R.G.B. Robb