August 2015 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Scenic Byway – Hydroplaning

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Scenic Byway – Hydroplaning

Scenic Byway

Street: 04.20
Scenic Byway = Flobots + Sweatshop Union

I can honestly say that Scenic Byway’s Hydroplaning is like nothing I have ever heard before. The Salt Lake City group of six have put hip-hop together with a live band for an unmatched sound, working in acoustic guitar, trombone, drums and samples from shows like Looney Tunes and Futurama. Hydroplaning’s sound is summed up tremendously in “Frank Grimes,” the opening track that features dreamy keyboard work, a hypnotic acoustic guitar riff, thought-provoking rhymes and the soothing vocals of Alexa Diane. This album is important in establishing the identity of the Salt Lake City hip-hop scene and contributes to its diversity. Scenic Byway have a fantastic sound and add a great element of live music to hip-hop, and Hydroplaning shows this off in a big way. –Connor Brady

  • Jackson Chapman

    Just a heads up, Nick Romer the trumpet player, plays the trumpet. However he does have a giant tromboner.