Local Music Reviews October 2015

Local Review: The Artificial Flower Company – Africa

Artificial Flower Company Africa

The Artificial Flower Company

Street: 05.23
The Artificial Flower Company = Mac DeMarco + Beach Fossils

The Artificial Flower Company are constantly adding experimentation into the surf rock sound, and their album Africa shows how talented this band is. Africa is reminiscent of ’60s surf rock, with its distorted guitar riffs, calming and high-pitched vocals, and hypnotic drumbeats. The track “Salt Lake City Blues” summarizes the album’s sound perfectly: It opens with the sound of seagulls flying, which is accompanied by a mellow guitar melody and relaxed vocals. It is a unique experience to hear areas of Utah being referenced over California beach rock–inspired instrumentals. The Artificial Flower Company are always innovating and adding to their sound, with each release sounding a bit different from the last, and Africa shows off some of this band’s best work. You can download Africa at artificialflowercompany.bandcamp.com. –Connor Brady