Localized: Funk and Gonzo, Dacho and Sackcloth – January 2008

Photo: Cat Palmer

Localized is SLUG's monthly local band showcase happening on the second Friday of each month. January's series features Funk and Gonzo, Dacho and openers Sackcloth and Ashes dropping positive vibes on you January 11th at the Urban Lounge (a private club for members). Tickets are five dollars at the door. Do what you know is best for your life; show up and bust a move!


Jared a.k.a. Chief – Bass, Vocals
Tiffany a.k.a. Doc – Drums, Percussion

Do you remember watching the Super Friends when you were a little kid? The brother and sister duo known as the Wonder Twins in the purple outfits who could morph into anything they wanted and they were just all around bad ass? Well that's kind of like Dacho, minus the brother and sister relation and the purple outfits. Doc and Chief can morph their music and live show into whatever they want ... your wildest imagination couldn't even fathom the bodacious sounds this duo can create.

The mystery and origin of the name Dacho comes from a Bosnian expression for Bluto from the Popeye cartoons. This name came about when two Bosnian women found Chief and Doc at a crashed meteor site after they had just watched an episode of Popeye.

These Wonder Twins met in high school in 1999 and found that they both had a love for performance art and theatre. The band began with a guitar player and different drummer but those two member's super powers were lacking. "We just kind of stopped calling the guitar player and drummer; then I switched over to drums," says Doc. "The band works much better with just Doc and I ... we have a good connection with each other," says Chief.

Doc's recent transition to drums is a fine example of the versatility the duo possesses. Doc has only been playing drums for a year now, but she sounds as if John Bonham had visited her in a dream and gave her drum lessons in her sleep. "I think that I was just destined to play the drums. It comes natural to me," says Doc.

Chief's bass sounds like when Superman fought Doomsday and Superman died, epic in its thunderous low end. "I would describe my bass playing style as Flea and Les Claypool battling it out," says Chief. His voice sounds like Zeus from above mixed with a dash of Tom Waits.

The band gigs more frequently as their reputation grows. Their battle plan against bored crowds is meticulously thought out and executed to perfection "We put a lot of effort into our live show; it is very theatrical and engaging. I try to consider the venue that we are playing and the type of crowd that we are playing for and design the set list around that," says Chief. "He obsesses over the set lists, he has walls covered in drafts and former set list to help him create the perfect one," concludes Doc.

Dacho has previously released two live recordings. They plan on recording a proper studio album February 2008 at there hideout/production company, Chlorine Dream Productions.

On top of dedicating their powers to expanding people's minds, fighting bland music and bored crowds, Dacho is concerned about the message they send. "Our whole goal of the band is to just have fun and play music. Music is the power to communicate," says Doc. myspace.com/dachorox

Funk & Gonzo

Eric – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Justin – Background Vocals & Guitar
Dallas – Drums
Matt G. – Percussion
Jeremy – Bass

"We are self-proclaimed sexy," Dallas declares about Funk and Gonzo. When the band originally sat down for this interview, they had no idea what publication I represented or why I was interviewing them. They weren't sure if it was for the City Weekly, who SLUG was or what Localized was all about. These dudes are just cruising through life without a care in the world and their music reflects that. They just play music to chill and relax to; think of drinking a Pina Colada by the pool.

Their music embraces the coolest parts of 311, Pharcyde, Blackalicious, Sublime and Bob Marley. "We try to take all the elements about the bands we like and combine them into our music," said Eric. "We're the most positive chill band out there" "We're all about making people feel good, that's what our song 'G-Spot' is all about," concludes Dallas. If you can't tell by now, these dudes are one party band.

The band got together in the glorious year of our lord 2005 after getting wasted together at parties and hanging out in high school. Shortly thereafter, the band went on hiatus to get their priorities straight. "We took about a year and a half until all of us turned 21 so we could start playing bars," said Eric. "The main thing about playing out is just getting wasted and getting the bar to give us as many free drinks as possible."

Funk and Gonzo's words and lyrics are a melting pot of ideas smashed together by each band member to make the most magical space brownies in the whole world. "Everybody contributes to the writing; we all just throw our ideas out there," says Dallas.

Over time, the band have mixed-up their party pleasers to include more power ballads and anthemic grooves. "Our sound has definitely been progressing into a melodic sound. Almost similar to something, like the Eagles," says Eric. But the band is still holding on to the elements that keep their music grounded in irreverence. "Eric's voice definitely sounds a lot like Bradley Noel from Sublime; we always try to stick to good vibes and keep our music bouncing," says Dallas.

Funk and Gonzo having been blowing up like their dropping bombs on ya moms. Eric's girlfriend / band manager Lauryn has been promoting them nonstop on their Myspace page. They have been playing four to five shows a month at places all across the Salt Lake valley. They just recently opened up for Kottonmouth Kings and Tech Nine at Saltair.

Funk and Gonzo are slowly drawing their blueprint to take over the world one piece at a time. "We want to start touring into southern Utah pretty soon and maybe Arizona and the other surrounding states," said Eric.

The band is all about bringing their sexuality on stage and causing an orgy of sound mixed with booze, babes, bumping and grinding. "We're just here to sex your face off," says Justin. "Our live show is the shit," says Dallas.

Funk and Gonzo's first album, the eponomously titled Funk and Gonzo, was recorded in two days with Bruce Kirby at BoHo Digitialia and was released in 2005 and is so pimp that other pimps run and hide from it. Their next album, which they plan on releasing in 2008, is so out of control it has 70oz of freedom.

"The whole goal of the band is to 'Rock The Nation For Occupation, so look out for Funk and Gonzo," said Dallas.


Photo: Cat Palmer Photo: Cat Palmer