Localized: Xkot Toxsik’s Art Faux Variety Show, Digital Lov and DJ Justin Strange – January 2009

The first Localized of 2009 brings three groups whose visual aesthetics are as important as their music. Strap on your dancing shoes, leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready to be entertained by Xkot Toxsik’s Art Faux Variety Show, Digital Lov and opener DJ Justin Strange. As always, Localized is held the second Friday of the month (Jan. 9) at the Urban Lounge and $5 gets you in.

Nick Passey—Vocals and Programming
Tanner Bray—Guitar and Backing Vocals
Hailey Andersen—Keyboards

Digital Lov formed in October 2006 after a failed attempt to create an 80s hairmetal band. “We never made it to a show because we’d drink through two 12 packs. The drummer eventually got arrested, so we replaced him with a laptop and became a keyboard pop band,” Nick Passey says. Although the members of Digital Lov ditched the 80s hair metal for electro pop, the heavy drinking has continued. The band cites that drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of their major influences and according to Tanner Bray, “You have to be really drunk to write really shitty pop music.”
The band’s stage antics are the most impressive aspect of their live performance. Their shows are fueled by alcohol and they’ve been known to pour beer down audience member’s throats, take shots of Patron in the eye and strip down to only their underwear. According to Passey, the live performance is the most important part of Digital Lov.
“Watching a live band for us is watching a couple bastards stroke their ego and do strange things,” he says.
Bray agrees. “If you come see us live, we will give you a show, something to remember. People are going to talk more about what you do on stage than what you sound like,” he says.
Digital Lov refuse to take themselves too seriously, and it seems like intoxication only assists them in this mission.
“If I’m drunk, it’s a lot more insane for me. I care a lot less about what people think or how I’m playing,” Bray says. “I think it’s refreshing to go to a show and see a band that just wants to have fun.”
Their amusing stage antics aren’t enjoyed by everyone, though. Digital Lov has been banned from Muse Music in Provo for having too rambunctious of a show and they have a history of being pelted with beer cans. They take it in stride, though, “There’s plenty of times that we get beer cans thrown at us and it’s awesome. That just makes us go off more,” Bray says.
Digital Lov snagged the opening spot of the November 2007 Localized, but are confident that this performance will be much better.
“We’re going to get drunker, there are going to be more people there, and we’re working with two other bands that are really on the same level as us,” Passey says. Although it’s unlikely the band’s keyboard player, Hailey Andersen, will be performing that night, Passey and Bray are bringing back their original bass player, Erik Montgomery.
“He’s been a caged tiger for a while. Plus, we like to do a lot of the back-to-back rocking. It should be pretty fun,” Bray says.
Ultimately, the band intends to party hard enough to make Saturday morning suck. “If you’re not potentially pregnant and hungover… there’s really no reason to come,” Passey says.

Xkot Toxsik—Master of Ceremonies

My interview with Xkot Toxsik, the patriarch of local label A Touch of Horror, was a bit untraditional, to say the least. Toxsik has a history of kidnapping SLUG writers prior to interviews or requiring secret passwords to gain access to his various projects. I knew I was in for something unusual.
“This is just a theatrical presentation, a show, which offers no reality,” Toxsik bellowed at one of his performances from under a large black hat with the letters X and T covering his eyes. “Not a fraction of reality, which allows you and me to delve into our grossest fantasies. For if you are skeptical or bored, just pretend that what you see is real. I will now demonstrate a Cyclops autopsy.” Toxsik continued the performance by removing portions of Baby Cyclops’ (who plays keyboards in God Star Experience) brain, intestines and heart. This type of over-the-top performance art is just a taste of what The Art Faux Variety Show will showcase.
The variety show has been in the works for over a year and will feature six colorful acts that have all released music through Toxsik’s label. Many of the bands playing the Variety Show are making their first ever appearance or haven’t performed in over a year. The night will start with Baby Bam Bam Bumkin, a talking hermaphrodite baby who gained fame through YouTube. Bumkin will be introducing the various acts and performing a few songs from his debut album, The Mouth. DaiZsaVoo, a retro synth-pop band that Toxsik was involved with in high school, will be reuniting for the show.
“That group hasn’t been together since the 80s. When [SLUG] called and requested we play, I just laughed,” Toxsik says. Luckily, all of the former members were excited about the reunion and are updating many of their songs for the show.
The Electric Pubes will perform next. It will be their first performance in about a year, but something memorable always seems to occur at their shows. “The Electric Pubes are a crass act. It’s about being a shock band,” Toxsik says. The Pubes are notorious for throwing novelty turds at the crowd, smashing bananas on their faces and fondling plush penises that are attached to their eccentric costumes. When they performed at last year’s Holiday Stroll, Thomas S. Monson actually stopped by while picking up his dry cleaning at Henrie’s. “He got a pretty decent eyeful, but I don’t think he stayed for the whole show,” Toxsik says.
Toxsik’s mystic Mormon group known as the LOA Mormons (short for Latter Day Order Ahman) will perform an initiation to their church next. “This is your chance to become Mormon,” Toxsik says, “and you don’t have to worry about any of the current politics. The LOA accepts gay marriage. There’re no hang-ups. [The LOA] just wants everyone to become their own gods and goddesses.” The raunchy disco-pop act known as Ice Cherry will perform after the LOA initiation. This project contains one ridiculously femmedout member known as Britney Bitch. The Godstar Experience, who has more of a rock n’ roll influence, will close the variety show. Although the multiple acts performing in the show have distinct differences, Toxsik summarizes the night by stating that it will be a bit like “GG Allen meets Showbiz Pizza.”
Although Toxsik’s projects typically play all-ages venues, he’s excited for the change of pace.
“I think it will go good. A little bit of liquor will loosen things up a bit,” he says. Tanner Bray of Digital Lov agrees: “[Toxsik’s] antics on stage go well with us being drunk.”

Digital Lov, Xkot Toxsik’s Variety Show and DJ Justin Strange will perform Localized at the Urban Lounge Jan. 9. Chuck some empty beer cans at the stage, have some plush poop tossed at you and enjoy yourself.