“I love creating music, especially if someone else can enjoy it, and there isn’t really an opportunity for me to stop," says Betts. Photo: @clancycoop
Rather than being pigeonholed into a specific category, PrimPro prefer to keep experimenting with styles while still keeping their punky energy. Photo: johnnybetts.com
(L–R) Together, Isaiah Michael and Christian Riley craft Civil Lust’s dark-edged, opalescent sound. Photo: johnnybetts.com
(L–R) Ken Vallejos, John Hoang, Devon Wooley, Lauren Hoyt, Clark Holzworth, Christian Lucy, Nick Fleming. Photo: LmSorenson.net
Photo: LmSorenson.net
(L–R) Jeremy Devine, Elisar Soueidi, Mikey Blackhurst and Kristin Maloney. Photo: JoSavagePhotography.com
(L–R) Logan Griffith, Andrew Aldridge and Durrell Williams. Photo: Colton Morgan
(L–R) Jesse Struggle, Dave Motiee, Skunk and Nate Wilson.
(L–R) Casey Keele, Nick Fleming and Ken Vallejos.
Photo: JoSavagePhotography.com