Gillian Chase crafts sweeping, electronica-infused textures as Le Voir, capturing the danceable sensibilities of synth-pop and EDM.
Sarah Anne DeGraw’s assertive, soulful blues will mesmerize audiences for the November Localized showcase.
(L–R) Kayley Glauser, Tiffani Barney and Mike Barney’s versatile Americana evokes a sense of resilience and timelessness.
(L–R) Together, Rich Evans, Kyle Smith, Evan Dahl and Ross Hagen of Burn Your World craft a grimacing, grinding and blackened deathcrust.
Localized: Villain
(L–R) Brandon Kohler, Drew Harris and Camron Sackett interlace Forest Feathers’ subtle yet complex soundscapes with prog-, math- and post-rock underpinnings. Photo: Russel Daniels
(L–R) Thomas Roberts, Zeke Hartmann, Andrew Goldring, Ajl Anderson and Christian Lucy bring the ancient Byzantium to life through dynamic and conceptual indie rock. Photo: Russel Daniels