Bring The Noise: John Weise in SLC

If you don't know who John Wiese is, let me catch you up to speed. He's a badass artist and musician from LA. His ongoing projects include LHD and Sissy Spacek, but he is also known for his collaborations with many artists, including Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, Smegma, Kevin Drumm, Cattle Decapitation and C. Spencer Yeh. He is also an accomplished solo artist. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering Europe, Scandinavia and Australia as a member of Sunn O))) and the UK as part of the Free Noise Tour (which also featured Evan Parker and C. Spencer Yeh among others). Although Wiese has released albums on a variety of international labels, he often releases work on his own label, Helicopter. I was lucky enough to talk with John Wiese about his music as well as his upcoming show in Salt Lake City.

Illusration: Sri Whipple

SLUG: Have you played in SLC before?
JW: I've never played in SLC before, but in the mid/early '90s I was traveling with this hardcore band that played there and was amazed at the violence and extremity of the scene there at that time. Lots of notso- subtle straight edge and vegan tattoos.

SLUG: Is this a solo tour for you?
JW: Yeah, it's about 45 shows in two months across most of the US. I'll mostly be in Europe next year, so I figured this is my chance to get around before I go.

SLUG: Do you prefer playing all ages shows or bars?
JW: Bars are not very ideal for anything that requires some thought/ appreciation/consideration. I find myself mostly at all ages venues.

SLUG: Can you describe your current project and what to expect at the show?
JW: Lately my style has been live-input processing of voice, electronics and tape. It's non-loop based, but there is a sense of repetition and rhythm.

SLUG: Any other upcoming projects that you are working on?
JW: I'm always working on recordings, and have some albums coming up with Evan Parker, Aaron Dilloway, C. Spencer Yeh, and Steven O'Malley. In November I'll be spending two weeks at Art At Tokyo Tech as a visiting artist, and I'll be touring Europe starting in January.

SLUG: Have you ever been sabotaged by sound guys due to the noise in your performance?
JW: It's happened before! A soundman can be your best friend or worst enemy. The best sound I've ever experienced was in Australia while on tour with Sunn O))). During soundcheck we were doing individual levels and couldn't believe the absolutely devastating bass and volume. I walked back to the sound booth and there was a very, very irate Australia guy screaming at people from the venue, "Get the fuck away from this desk! I'm running sound, not you. Don't fucking tell me what to do!" After the show we found out he had just broken up with his wife.

John Wiese will be playing at The Urban
Lounge on Sunday, Oct. 5th at 10p.m.