Destroyer… Pig Destroyer

I felt like a dick when I called Pig Destroyer vocalist J.R. Hayes for this interview and interrupted his dinner, but he's a champ. He said he was ready to go and assured me that I wasn't bothering him, so I proceeded to bombard him with questions about the re-release of Terrifyer-accompanying track Natasha, their tour of Australia, and why Scott Hull, Pig Destoyer's guitarist, is such a busy guy.

SLUG: "Natasha"? was originally released as a DVD track with the Terrifyer album in 2004. Why was the decision made to re-release it on its own?
J.R. Hayes: Scott's wanted to do it for a couple of years now. We didn't finish "Natasha"? until right before Terrifyer went to press, and Scott didn't feel that he had a chance to mix and master it as well as he could have. Personally, I'm never that excited about re-releasing things, but when Scott played me what he had done with the track, I was on board.

SLUG: The vinyl seems to have a much fuller sound than on the original release"¦
J.R.: Yeah. Scott's come a long way in the last couple of years with his production knowledge and that sort of thing.

SLUG: What was the inspiration behind the song?
J.R.: Well, we've always been fans of really, really fast music, but also really, really slow music, and we hadn't incorporated any of that stuff into our sound. We had been listening to stuff like Winter, Earth, and Corrupted"¦I think that's how every band does it. Whatever you're rocking at the time tends to make you want to gravitate toward that sound. Scott had the idea to do a really long, extended piece, and I thought it was an interesting idea.

SLUG: Do you have anything upcoming release-wise?
J.R.: We're in kind of a strange place right now. We don't really have a place to practice currently, and we haven't been able to write anything in quite some time. The general consensus in the band is that we want to start writing another full length, but I was hoping to do some more splits. We always talk about doing splits, but then other things come up and plans get changed. I've always liked splits because I like the idea of putting out a 7"? without all the press and the hype. Plus, I've always thought of splits as being a very punk thing. You don't see any other genres doing them.

SLUG: Pig Destroyer doesn't really tour, but you recently toured Australia. How was that?
J.R.: Grueling. Generally when bands tour there, they fly, which we did a couple of times, but we also had some punishing drives"¦ 18- and 20-hour drives. The people were wonderful, my voice held up, and we drank a lot of beer. I actually think we scared some people. We were drunk the entire time - there wasn't a time during the whole tour that we didn't have booze with us. Since it might be four or five months between shows for us, when something comes up, we go all out.

SLUG: Is limited touring something everyone in the band agrees with?
J.R.: Some bands seem like they were born to be on the road. We aren't one of those bands. We get kind of homesick"¦ we want to be home, hang out with our girlfriends, listen to music and things like that.

SLUG: Have you ever considered playing in Utah?
J.R.: Maybe we will eventually, but I never promise anyone anything. I never thought we would be going to Australia, but then one day someone's like "Hey, we're going to Australia."? I didn't believe it until I got on the plane. There are so many places I'd love to go"¦I mean, we just played Chicago two years ago for the first time, and that's a huge city - every touring band is gonna hit Chicago. We're getting ready to play a show in Atlanta at the end of February, and we've never been there. I always end up pleading with the others to go out and hit places we've never been, but it never happens.

SLUG: Does everyone in Pig Destroyer keep themselves busy with other projects?
J.R.: Man"¦right now, I'm just trying to eat. It's been really tough over the last couple of months, and I'm starting a second job soon. Scott's got Agoraphobic Nosebleed and all of that"¦ who knows what he's up to? He could be mastering the new Police record right now for all we know.

Although Pig Destroyer apparently won't be stopping in Salt Lake City any time soon, the recently re-released Natasha should provide some solace. Do yourself a favor and pick up the vinyl release "¦ you won't regret it.