The Top Form of Rocket Concert Memories

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Jensen: Nothing like playing math rock for a pop punk crowd in Orange County …

On that tour with Strung Out, I’d be hanging out in the green room after our set, and I’d inevitably end up talking to some dude or another who, upon figuring out that I was in the opening band, would look at me sideways and say something like, “You guys sound like Fugazi,” and then inevitably drift away to whatever was happening on the other side of the room. 

Jensen: I don’t know much about the rock. I like playing shows at Kilby Court.


Jensen: I’m really sorry about your head—my early 20s were some ripe years for sure.




Jensen: The first time Peter dislocated his kneecap live, we played with Hot Rod Circuit at Kilby Court. We were in the middle of a song (“Bathed in Electricity, maybe?), I spun around, and Peter was on the concrete. EMTs carried him out of the venue on a stretcher, poor thing.

The second time Peter blow out his knee, we were playing in some weird warehouse space in downtown L.A. Same thing—spun around and Peter was on the floor. Peter kept screaming for someone to put his kneecap back in place, so T-top got out from behind the drums and pushed it back in.

Peter played the rest of the show seated on a bucket. Or a high chair. Maybe both.

Makowski: I dislocated my knee three times while performing with FOR: the first time at Kilby Court in SLC, the second in L.A., and the third at Burt’s Tiki Lounge in SLC.

Every time was very painful and required months of recovery, but I cherish every moment. How many shows have you been to when a performer dislocates their fucking knee? Not many, I’ll bet. Tyler reset my knee twice, onstage, which was pretty rad, and I finished two of the three shows at which the dislocations occurred.

These are great stories, and I hope this shit never happens again, ever.

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The Top Form of Rocket Concert Memories
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