Metal of the Mountains

"I'm just looking for everybody in the valley to realize that we have legitimate shows, we have legitimate bands. There's more than a handful of fuckin' longhaireds in this town." -Deavy Metal. Photo: Patiri Photography

I walk into Burt’s Tiki Lounge with Deavy Metal, the wicked bard of Killbot. Nobody else is in the bar except for the bartender, who later decides that it’s a good idea to shop-vac stuff while I’m recording my interview—but it’s okay because everything in this feature piece was top secret, up until now anyway, so nobody overheard. After cracking open some tall boys and ascertaining that the reason Devin’s hair is so shiny is because he uses Dove, I have one thing on my mind: Deavy Metal Productions Presents S.L.C. METAL Volume #1 - FREE.
To lay down the big idea, if you couldn’t infer from the title, S.L.C. METAL Volume #1 is a free compilation of 13 tracks from metal bands across the Salt Lake valley. Devin began rallying up bands for this comp in February, and has fiddled with the logistics of the release up to this point, investing three-to-four months of brutish man hours to provide a free CD for those with the hands to wield it. What was going through our Deavenly Father’s metal-head when he decided to undertake such an endeavor? “The lack of local people knowing that there’s actually legitimate metal bands out here,” he says. “If they’re exposed to it and they don’t have to buy a CD, they just see it and they can pick it up. Then they can listen through and [say], ‘I like this band, I don’t like this band—wow, there’s actually good music in Salt Lake—good metal music…’ ” It’s not so much that Devin aims to get more fans for the bands, but rather generate a sense of a Salt Lake metal scene: “The bands are there and they already have exposure. I’m just looking for everybody in the valley to realize that we have legitimate shows, we have legitimate bands. There’s more than a handful of fuckin’ longhaireds in this town.”
And the songs on the release warrant Deavy Metal’s claims. ToxicDose thrashes your presumptions of local metal from the get-go, Dead Vessel provides a corrosive shot of death metal and Seventking time warps you back to the ‘80s. Of course, SLUG regulars, Killbot, Oldtimer and Spëitre make an appearance along with big names like Separation of Self and newer acts such as Such Vengeance. “These particular bands [on the comp] are good buddies of mine. I know them because we played with all of them a million times,” says Deavy Metal. Deny Your Faith, Brute Force, Blood of Saints, Deception and Truce, Devin’s dad’s band (from whose testicles Killbot emerged), shape a well-rounded compilation. “I didn’t want to have all thrash metal, I didn’t want to have all 80s metal, I didn’t want to have all new metal [not nu metal]. I made sure to get a nice mixture of every type of metal… The more sub-genres the better,” says Deavy. Miley Cyrus’ contribution to the compilation was “a whole lotta fuckin’ jizz rags” (Devin wants me to clarify that that’s not actually true because Miley Cyrus is his future wife). “I checked a lot of Myspaces. Almost everybody I wrote to wrote back. I just asked ‘em if they’re interested and, if yes, gimme a track. There was a couple bands that I picked the tracks [from]—they just said pick whichever one you want.”

Though hatred and anger often fuel the genre, “the love of metal,” Deavy Metal proclaims, has pushed him to produce a top-of-the-line release that consolidates our metal scene—all for zero dollars and zero cents. Other than the bands’ contributions to the finished product, the sponsors of the compilation have played a crucial role in making this CD possible. Devin has designated Bruce Kirby at Boho Digitalia Studios as the official audio producer of the album. Kirby has mastered all the disc’s levels and has recorded seven of the comp’s tracks, not to mention that four bands on the album went specifically to Boho to record solely for this compilation. Advanced Media Solutions (AMS) has pressed 500 copies of the disc along with full-color cardboard inserts and fliers for the bands’ upcoming shows. The simple black and red cover art stems from Deavy Metal’s desire to simply convey that the comp is a metal album without taking away from the music. Thus, with all the jewel case essentials in tow, these bad boys have been delivered straight to your local music shop—“Graywhale, the Heavy Metal Shop, pretty much any music store around here”—for your greedy little fingers to snatch.

Additionally, Deavy Metal cites Club Vegas as the “elite supporter of metal shows in Salt Lake.” As the elite venue, thus far Vegas will host two shows based off of the compilation: July 23 with Killbot, Separation of Self, Blood of Saints, Deny Your Faith, ToxicDose, and Such Vengeance, and Aug. 21 with bands to be announced. As far as the all ages realm goes, “Kilby Court is the only legitimate local venue… Kilby Court is where I think it’s going to be,” Devin says. Also, though it’s still in the works, Devin tentatively plans to set up an S.L.C. Metal tour where local metal bands team up to pillage Utah from St. George to Logan, which could possibly lead to a Utah Metal compilation.
Don’t stop salivating. “I plan on doing a bunch of these [compilations],” says Devin. “Two a year. Two volumes a year, one in the summer, one in the winter.” This is only the beginning. Keep your eye out for a Deavy Metal Productions punk rock edition too… And although there’s a lot of information in this article already, Deavy Metal does have something to plug: “Killbot, Killbot, Killbot, Killbot… I wanna shout out to the eskimos, Wu, Wu, Wu, Tang, Tang, Tang!” He even has the right answer to my fuck, marry, kill question: “Marry Oprah, I’d have sex with my girlfriend, and I’d kill Barbara Walters.”
After our rendezvous, Devin bought me Arctic Circle. It was delicious. Seeing as how our Deavenly Father will bestow only the finest of things on a humble newshound like me (it had bacon on it), you can only imagine the caliber of metal bullets that he will shoot into your skull with this glorious compilation… for free.