Roger Miret: Miret Family Values

Being a longtime Agnostic Front fan, I was more than happy to interview front man, Roger Miret. With the band’s new album The Warriors out since November 6th and with Miret’s new clothing line Dirty Devil Apparel in stores, you would think the hardcore veteran would have nothing but business on his mind. Little did the public know that Miret recently celebrated fatherhood again with the birth of his second daughter, Emily. His oldest, Nadia, is a 20 something in college. His youngest daughter, now five months old, has led Merit to a major life change. He openly admits that he was “on a self destructive path…running ruthless, running crazy on the streets of New York, thinking [he] was on fucking fire where nothing could stop [him], and nothing could hold [him] back.” He refers to his former self as an “insane person,” but explains fatherhood changed everything. It was no longer about “live fast and die young” – he wanted to slow down and experience life. He credits the birth of his oldest daughter with giving him the will to survive. With the birth of his second child, he has had more time to sit back and soak in fatherhood in a new way.

Three pertinent ideas emerged with Agnostic Front’s music: unity, loyalty, and honor. Miret believes that these principles are important not only for his newborn daughter but that they also permeate everything he does. The inspiration for the new album, and even its title, come from Frank Miller’s film, 300. “Those Spartans and the way they live, their warrior’s code of honor and respect and family, [those were] the same values that I lived by and I want to teach my children to carry on the rest of their life.” Miret was careful to clarify his view and admiration of women. “I come from a world where women were women and little girls weren’t bitches and hos.” He believes that when you treat people disrespectfully, that disrespect spreads. “Your children pick up on that, and the next thing you know everyone is a bitch and a ho.” He believes that it’s important to make music and inspire fan loyalty without belittling others. This is in vast contrast to music genres like gangster rap that “talk about bitches, guns and money. That deters from the values you should teach a family.” Hardcore values traditionally promote family and respect alongside individuality.

While Miret has an opportunity to impart the values and history of hardcore music to his five-month-old daughter, his oldest girl adds a welcome contrast to his lifestyle. “She is a self-proclaimed prep,” he said. “But she’s true to herself and lives with those values everyday.” He went on to say, “You have to let children figure out for themselves who and what they want to be.” Nadia’s mother was the lead singer for the well-known punk/activist band Nausea. They figured that with her musical history and background and Miret’s old-school street experience, their daughter would become some “stage diving nut girl.” But like any young woman, she’s searching for her own individuality.

Miret plans to take his new family on the road. Miret bragged about how he received his baby girl’s passport two days prior to this interview. He’s excited to be touring with both his new baby and with his wife, who is also named Emily. The first leg of the tour will take them to Europe for the beginning of December and then back to the old stomping grounds of NYC for the end of the Christmas season.

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