Thursday, March 15th – Metal Mania

Posted March 16, 2007 in
All Photos: Angela Brown We started the day bright and early (11:30am!) to see Boris. Boris played outside in the middle of day and it fucking destroyed! They ripped through a super heavy set and the chick on guitar was smoking hot. As much as the music was great, their stage presence was a little lack luster. Angela stayed at the Vice Party to see the Melvins.

Boris. Japanese chick guitarists absolutely destroy!

the Melvins.

After watching the Boris set, I went to the SPV metal BBQ and ran into an army of old metal chicks ala Marie Braden. They were kind enough to give me some free food and drinks but the awkward metalness of the place made me leave soon thereafter. The people there were not quite nu-metal but a volatile mix of Depeche Mode/Pet Shop Boys and Whitesnake.

The big disappointment of the day was Blonde Redhead. Right before the sun went down, Blonde Redhead was to play another set. Unfortunately, as was the deal yesterday, they took over an hour to get their shit together and in turn only ended up playing three songs. Many disgruntled people. What happened Blonde Redhead? Compared to last night's hype and show, this was not only bad planning but poor form. Lame!

Disappointment aside, I stopped by the Team Clermont party to meet Jon and Lucas. Jon is a skinny non-descript gentlemen with a penchant for rocking while Lucas is looks like a dwarf from the Lord of the Rings movie! Just kidding ... he doesn't look like a dwarf but he does have a big beard. Jon and Lucas were amazing.

Parties may be fuller than what they appear

Entrance was the next show I saw. He played outside, away from the normal SXSW approved venues. In fact, Entrance played at this rad museum called the French Legation – it was a really well kept garden with a small, quaint museum about the French in Texas. The place was filled with the neo-folk type with frumpy dresses, tight, stained white pants and bare-chested dudes with long hair; picture failed metal heads with vests on. Right before Entrance was set to play, Angela took pictures of us together playing on a tree. It was pretty amazing that he agreed to do that.

Easy breezy summer days

Entrance screened a music video for "Grim Reaper Blues" which was half séance and half Maya Deren experimental short as a prelude to his set. The set was riddled with sound problems but it ended up rocking just as hard all the same. When Entrance was finished playing, I stumbled to the Presbyterian church and saw some low-key singer/songwriter acts and ended up meeting and drinking with Andy from the Twilight Sad. Andy was a dude from Glasgow who loved drinking and was great fun to hang out with. We saw Nina Nastasia and got super drunk with her manager and backing band, Cape May. They remembered me from the Salt Lake show when I gave them some hoodies when they had to drive to Wisconsin and they had lost their coats. Before I knew it, I was drunk as shit and went straight to bed.