Thursday, Oct. 23

Posted October 24, 2008 in

Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat

Hailing from England, Little Boots put on a live (as opposed to a DJ) set that was well put together but seemed to lack some of the danceable cohesiveness of some of the more blog house electro groups. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the dance party crowd didn't seem to be feeling the set as much as some of the DJs.

Shout Out Out Out

Wallpaper and Shout Out Out Out Out played along with a phenomenal group of DJs including A-Trak, Dave P from Chromeo, Flosstradomus, and Jokers of the Scene. Personally, I found that Wallpaper stole the show with their brand of semi-cover hip hop electro. Almost along the lines of a live mash-up, Wallpaper melds familiar rap beats, often performed on live drums, with a premixed backing track. A possible recipe for failure, Wallpaper's performance was exceptionally energetic and engaging. Shout Out Out Out Out are a rare example of live electro done the hard way - piles of old analog, a shit-ton of members, and solid beats. However, Webster Hall's substandard sound guy seemed to have his head up his ass, as the group could never seem to get the sound they wanted on stage or for the audience - at one point refusing to play a particular song because the members were unable to hear each other. Upstairs, the DJ's played some of their most well known remixes to a surprisingly sparse dance crowd.