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Street: 06.07
�Andale! = Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Pretty Girls Make Graves + The Wolfs
After years of teasing and torturing with single-track acting as the only officially released material, �Andale! has finally released a full-length album. Although the wait was long, the self-titled album lives up to the precedent set by “Hit the Ground,” the track featured on DBS II. The album opens with the infectious and hard-hitting “Walk Away” and only gets better from there. The chuggy guitars and laughable lyrics featured on “Fucking Tourettes” lead quite nicely into the mellow verses and addictive chorus of “I Liked You Better When.” Two of my favorite tracks were “Unforgiving Sky” and “Messed Up,” but really any way you add it up all 10 tracks on this album are delicious. Bravo, �Andale! � Jeanette Moses