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�O Dear Sarcasm!
Everybody Loves Leftovers
Self Released
Street: 07.08
ODS = The Angsted + The Adolescents
One of the coolest things about punk rock is that anyone can make it. However, since anyone can make punk rock, chances are someone has already said whatever you have to say. ODS have plenty to say, and they say it loud, fast and hard, but it just doesn’t stand out from the pack. There are a lot of lyrical cliches crammed into this brief EP (“the only future we have is the one we make,” “actions speak louder than words,” etc.) and the vocalists tend to go overboard on their delivery. It’s not all bad though, as there definitely are some original lyrics (the chorus of “First Day of Winter”) and when the band shows some restraint and eases up on the chugging guitars and lightning-fast tempos, their songs are a lot more interesting and entertaining. ODS definitely have some potential, but they need a lot of polish.