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Local Review: Blood Purge – Maniacal Carnage

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Blood Purge – Maniacal Carnage

Blood Purge
Maniacal Carnage

Street: 08.29
Blood Purge = Sodom + Morbid Angel + Destroyer 666

There’s quite a bit going on with the eight songs on Maniacal Carnage—at first listen, it gives the vibe of chaos on top of chaos. The unrelenting drum tempo and pounding make for a blistering pace without causing any distractions in listening. Listening further, the album offers a hell of a lot more from the tracks. Combining death and thrash metal with hints of the first wave of black metal holds listening ears like they’re stuck in a vice. Opener “I Am The One” and “Face-Ripper Monkey” have a great anthem-type feel—if you consider death metal to ever have any anthem-like qualities. Completely decipherable lyrics will have you chanting along in no time. What begins as chaos turns into calculated skull crushing. Memorable riffs and face-swelling guitar solos and leads deliver intractably in every song, proving that Blood Purge aren’t just another local band. –Bryer Wharton