Bludgeon Muffin
Street: 02.28
Bludgeon Muffin = Rebelution + Mystic Roots
This album—more of an EP, really—is solid, standard reggae. The bass goes as deep as your headphones will let it, and the guitars cascade over with some genre-standard up-strokes and some pretty tasty solos—though some are a little long. The vocals often have a unique waver—somewhat reminiscent of Michael Stipe of REM—and they work well with the low end of the bass. Standouts are “No Justify” and “Revolt,” but there are only five songs on Revolt, with a few remixes. Only the “PolyRasta Remix” of “Diversion” really stands out, and it’s actually better than the original version. The issue with reggae (and many genres) is that there are hundreds of reggae acts, but not a lot of them are good—still fewer are great. Bludgeon Muffin lies somewhere in the middle, though they definitely have more potential than most. –CJ Morgan