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Charles Ellsworth – Wildcat Chuck Charles

Charles Ellsworth
Wildcat Chuck Charles

Wandering Man Records
Street: 10.16
Charles Ellsworth = Crook and the Bluff + Blaze Foley

Every one of Ellsworth’s albums sounds like the backing track to a heart-wrenching montage of a man crossing the U.S. in an old, rusted-out Chevrolet, sipping whiskey and wiping tears. Husky vocals complement bluesy, country rock n’ roll well. A careful balance of twangy, folk acoustic guitar and slithery, lamenting electric guitar creates a stable profile of the last 60 years of nostalgic Americana in one, neat package. “A Packed Suitcase” is heavily minor and melancholic, a stifled mourning of love lost. “Arizona Pines” features a swarming slide guitar and alludes to the dark, hurtful cavern within every human spirit. Heavy vocal harmonization builds into the chorus like a melancholy sermon. The relatable simplicity of this album makes for an emotional journey. I laid on my couch listening and weeping, and when it was over, I had a fuller understanding of not only myself but of humanity as a whole. –LeAundra Jeffs