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Local Review : Chase Million – Reflections

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Chase Million Reflections

Million Concepts Music Street: 06.01 Chase Million = T. Mills + Hoodie Allen

With raw vocals and diverse instrumentals, Reflections is an interesting take on introspective hip-hop. Influenced by hip-hop and rock music alike, Chase Million started by freestyling with his friends but didn’t start seriously writing until his first deployment as a marine. His time in the armed forces, I feel, bleeds into his music quite a bit, which comes out in his aggressive delivery and sometimes political subject matter. Tracks like “At A Mirrors Glance” talk about those experiences, and the toll it takes on one’s mind and body. The track starts with “This song is for anybody that’s ever lost anybody to the treacheries of war,” all while talking about taking a look at himself and noticing the changes he has gone through physically and mentally. Chase cites artists like 311 and Incubus as influencers for him wanting to make music, and he stays true to the influence with the track “Speak Now,” as it features an energetic rock instrumental with lyrics delivered like a Rage Against the Machine track. For me, my favorite track is “Stay There.” Its slower, more ambient-style beat and calming flow of lyrics has an almost cloud-rap style that allows a break in an otherwise more upbeat album. Overall, Reflections is raw in its delivery and production. In my opinion, this album could use a bit more polishing, but it still sends a message and allows us to dive into the mind of Chase Million and understand what he is all about. If you are a fan of pop/rap or rock-inspired rap with political undertones and a splash of angst, Chase Million will make an excellent addition to your music library. Keep an eye out for Reflections and more coming from Chase Million. –Connor Brady