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Local Review: Cig Burna – Devil’s Food

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Cig Burna
Devil’s Food

Street: 08.10
Cig Burna = T.I. x Devin the Dude

Cig Burna, the cynical, slim cigar–loving, West Valley–repping herbal connoisseur, sticks to the formula with beats by BriskOner and features by Lefty 2 Guns and Concise Kilgore for his second studio offering, Devil’s Food. Cig’s flow, along with his vocal talent, is at the forefront, as it was in his first album, Paradise Lost, cementing him as one of Utah’s premiere solo emcees. Devil’s Food is multifaceted—it goes from the felonious to psychedelic to the introspective to the lighthearted. “Bigger and Better” is a lyrical tag team with the aforementioned contributors; “Still Burnin’” is a tribute to ganja; ”Understand This” is an unapologetic sonic confessional; and “Devil’s Food,” the album’s namesake, features a crazy soprano siren sample and wraps the album up on just the right note. The world may or may not feel it, but if you live in the valley and “ain’t got no Cig Burna yet, baby you oughta.” R.I.P. Yung Rip. –Keith McDonald