Local Review: CVPITVLS – Quickie

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Street: 03.20
CVPITVLS = Ashers + The Stench Band + The Eight Bucks Experiment

Quickie—I couldn’t think of a better title for an EP that clocks in at just over four minutes. However, in that short amount of time, CVPITVLS run the gamut of hard-hitting vocals, grinding guitars and humorous lyrics, all delivered with no holds barred. Each of the three tracks is a minute and a half of raw, basement-style punk, and each one packs a punch of its own—they are like three brothers who are always competing about who is tougher.

The fact that the songs are so goddamned short forced me to keep Quickie on repeat. They pounce so fast that a moment’s distraction would make me miss the better half of a song. Matt Bennett’s vocals range from larynx-shredding screams to semi-coherent bouts of speak-singing evocative of Jello Biafra’s vocal delivery on the Dead Kennedys’ “Soup is Good Food.” The first track, “Forgotten,” starts with a galvanizing riff and kicks into overdrive as Bennett screams the first rowdy, cacophonous lyrics that traverse right into heavy social satire—and before you know it, the song is over. “Shit! My Idealism Went Down the Drain” is the most fun track on the EP with its “The world sucks, let’s party” vibe, danceable beat and little bluesy guitar tidbits thrown in for good measure. The last song—”Sympathy for the Soldier” is closest to reaching the two-minute mark and holds a mostly mid-tempo pace. It hammers with ferocity with rallying gang vocals and a more melodic-driven guitar riff that carries the song.

The bio on CVPITVLS’ Bandcamp presents these guys as “Salt Lake City punk rock. Plain and simple,” and that’s exactly what you get. I hear this EP and I hear a group of guys who aren’t overthinking the genre. They bluntly present what punk rock is hailed as—loud, fast, simple and full of raw energy. Quickie is so good that you’ll come back to these guys begging for more.  –Eric U. Norris