Local Review: A Dead Desire – Resurrecting the Mind

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A Dead Desire
Resurrecting the Mind

Street: 04.10.17
A Dead Desire = Rise Against + Thirty Seconds to Mars

It is quickly apparent while listening to A Dead Desire’s latest release that they’ve got a message to share. The band formed after lead Moroni Silva kicked his heroin addiction, and this album sounds like a narrative in testament to his success. Resurrecting the Mind is a hard rock hailstorm of guitar riffs, thundering drum fills and Silva’s own tempest of a voice. There are a lot of things I really like about the album, so if heavy vocals and heated bass lines are things you enjoy, then I recommend picking up Resurrecting the Mind.

A Dead Desire have a great dynamic range, both throughout each song and throughout the album. “I’m Changing, I’m Becoming” starts things off with heavy riffage, heavier singing, and a drum beat that lines everything up just right. A somber air rests over much of Resurrecting the Mind, but flares of vehement anger in songs like “A Dead Desire” offer exactly the energy that the album needs. Things get a bit more lyrical with “In My Mind,” and the tempo slows down before immediately blasting off into the technical showcase that is “Incessantly Ill.” Ironically, my favorite song off the album, “The Skies of Emotion,” reminds me more of the ocean than of the great blue sky; It’s a submarine ride through guitar twangs, waves of soulful verses, and washy groove.  All in all, the variety across these seven songs is phenomenal, even while always sticking true to a resolute defiance against opiates and heroin.

It’s clear that Silva had a lot to unpack when he formed A Dead Desire, and this release proves that he can share his emotions in style. Feelings of guilt, remorse, anger and triumph all churn together in Resurrecting the Mind, and solid musicianship makes this a record that’s easy to get into the groove with. You can check out some of A Dead Desire’s music on Spotify or Facebook to get acquainted, and don’t forget to keep an eye on your local venues for their next show! –Alex Blackburn