Local Review: DulceSky – Media-Luna/Half-Moon

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Eden’s Watchtower
DulceSky = The Cure + Violet Run – Nirvana worship

Once again, DulceSky have delivered a glazed-honey concoction of dense, multi-layered goth-tinged shoegazer; a smooth, dark glide down a river with no reflection, like Ophelia’s ride to her final resting place. The female harmonies are especially potent on Media-Luna, and the naked piano breathes a melancholy caress into the atmospheric clouds of floating music that cling to your skin with all the tenderness of oscillating dewdrops. The feline yowling on “The Cats are Sleeping” is priceless. DulceSky’s fondness of EPs makes sense—they can say more in five songs than most bands do in 10. Media-Luna is gorgeously packaged and designed via digipack, and the title track is sung in Spanish and English, so you can choose your flavor. However, there’s one thing that requires no decision: DulceSky. www.dulcesky.com