Dusk – Can't Stop the World

Local Review: Dusk – Can’t Stop the World

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Can’t Stop the World

Street: 07.26
Dusk Raps = Atmosphere x Everlast

Ryan Worwood, better known as Dusk (or Dusk Raps), ends summer ’16 with a Pen Pointz–produced project that is unashamedly old school, but what do you expect from “Da Gawd”? SLUG Magazine’s favorite emcee is an O.G. in the arena of Salt Lake City hip-hop, where his croaky crooning and delivery is about as noticeable among Utah emcees as his slender-eyed, solemn caricatures are in the local art scene. Can’t Stop The World flows from start to finish, leaving the listener satisfied yet craving more.

The album opens with an instrumental and a lecture. Pen Pointz, a Canadian beat maker, felt the need to inform us on ways to listen better before blessing us with seven ensuing tracks of solid, polished work, reminiscent of the classics sounds of Marley Marl and Rick Rubin. If you enjoy boom bap and smooth breakbeats, Can’t Stop The World will not disappoint. Recorded with Chance Lewis at House of Lewis Studios, this underground album has the same sound quality as the signed artists you’d hear on the radio.

Dusk refrains from compromising on this nine-arrowed quiver of songs: Trap beats and chants are not the move—old-school lyricism with a bluesy tinge of the Wasatch Front is what you’re going to get from this veteran Utah rapper. Adjust your ears accordingly. Songs like “Cold Cold World,” “The Bottom” and “Thirty Deuce” deserve a place in your “Utah Rap” playlist. Dusk rhymes about everyday things like paying the rent, keeping his sanity and his favorite-sized beverage, among other things. Guests like Omekka, Illin’ P, Rez the Silverback and DJ Skratchmo add vocal variety, dope lyrics and their own styles to round out this short but potent offering.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, go to music.duskraps.com and pick up All Is Fair before diving into this new project. You can also check out a few loose singles, like “Yung Oshea,” a tribute to the gangster rapper–turned–family movie star. Dusk is well due for major recognition, as he’s held down the Lake since ’96. Find out how you can purchase his music and watch for his shows at facebook.com/dusk.raps, because after listening to this release, it’s clear that Dusk is far from losing steam.
Keith McDonald