Former Tides – What We Are EP

Local Review: Former Tides – What We Are EP

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Former Tides – What We Are EP

Former Tides
What We Are EP

Street: 10.09.15
Former Tides = Mudvayne + Breaking Benjamin – Three Days Grace

The Utah County rockers Former Tides are at it again with their new EP What We Are, and the results are loud, energetic and pretty kickass. The post-hardcore scene has been dwindling as of late, but these guys brought some serious crashing guitar riffs to the studio just in case you forgot. The title track gets the EP started and really displays the overall sound Former Tides are going for. It’s high energy, then soft and sweet, then high energy, then sweet and so on. This is what screaming with feelings is all about, and fans of Anberlin will rejoice with this new effort. The live versions of these tracks give the songs even more kickass-ness, so I highly encourage you to get out there and support these guys in our local scene. This album is an excellent effort all around. –Benjamin Tilton