Heartless Breakers – The Great Giveback

Local Reviews: Heartless Breakers – The Great Give Back

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Heartless Breakers – The Great Give Back

Heartless Breakers
The Great Give Back

Animal Style Records
Street: 03.10
Heartless Breakers = Sum 41 + Paramore + The All American Rejects

After one listen to the Heartless Breakers’ The Great Give Back, I packed my bags, plopped down at the local pool and turned the tunes back on. The album was emitting everything I remember about being young and full of life, including the realization that deep pools also have their shallow ends. The pool was perfect. Heartless Breakers carry all the excitement of a rocked-out alternative summer album, but they also carry the weight of summer’s fleeting themes. They present emotion with a perfect pitch of energy behind it. “Carbon Copy” is easily everyone’s favorite, but “Subdued” scored some points, and “Apartment 1E” was the song that stayed in my head the rest of day. The album carries a bit of hardcore nostalgia between its beats and heavy, rocked-out thumps. It feels like staring at a reflection of summers past, and by the time the album’s title-track finishes, you’ll be extremely satisfied and ready to start it all over again. –Benjamin Tilton