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Local Review: 100 Mile House – Self-Titled

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100 Mile House Self-Titled

Self-Released Street: 03.06 100 Mile House = American Football + Minus the Bear

On my first listen through this EP, I thought, “I bet these guys like Ameri- can Football and Minus the Bear.” Then I went to their Facebook page and saw that under “influences,” they list those two bands ... and pizza. Glad we agree! 100 Mile House is a different take on the emo revival that’s been taking place in the last few years. Instead of following the more ambient path like Great Interstate, these guys are embracing the pop- pier side of emo and mixing it with a little bit of finger-tapping math rock. The production quality of this album occasionallyleavesmewanting,but overall, it’s a really solid introduction. Hopefully, these kids stick around and keep making solid tunes—Provo needs more good guitar rock. –Alex Gilvarry