æ ω
Hel Audio
Street: 01.07
Θ = Lustmord + Scapegoat + Bad Sector

Why? Why do you hate music journalists so much? Not only do I have to toggle between Latin and Greek character views on my computer to spell your non-name, but you also make me sit through an hour-plus of rudderless, dark ambient noisescapes, with poor approximations of a Goblin soundtrack. In fact, I don’t hate this. I usually like this kind of stuff. I especially like the bottom-scraping low end, the way it just draaags its claws against the bottom of my listening periphery. I also really like the extreme high frequencies in the second track, when sequels of noise streak through the sky like some kind of evil Aurora Borealis. I also really like the dead, slow thud of industrial beats nearing the middle of æ ω. There is a lot of good stuff here, but the pretentiousness of the symbol-name prematurely triggered my gag reflex. –Ryan Hall